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Walz & Krenzer supplies watertight doors for Joralemon Tube Rehabilitation

Walz & Krenzer’s watertight doors now protect the Joralemon Tube. The work was part of the “Sandy” Recovery Project for the New York City Transit Authority, Contract P-36440. Walz & Krenzer worked with Forte Construction in supplying... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer Flood Barriers at South Ferry Terminal

The South Ferry Terminal is currently protected by Walz & Krenzer’s flood barriers. The flood barriers are covered with architectural covers, to minimize appearance. Here are some photos during a recent visit to New York City. Walz &... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer Flood Barrier installed in McKinley Village, Sacramento CA

At the end of 2016 Walz & Krenzer delivered a large Flood Gate for the McKinley Village in Sacramento, California. We worked closely with RNR Construction and their installation team to make this project a success. Here are some photo during installation: See... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer successfully demonstrates installation and operation of an Emergency Escape Hatch for the MTA

In February 2016, Walz & Krenzer together with our customer Nehal Contracting, successfully installed and demonstrated the operation of an emergency egress hatch for the MTA. Hatch in Open Position Walz & Krenzer would like to thank all parties... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer successfully demonstrates operation of large flood gate for Iowa City

In April 2015, Walz & Krenzer successfully demonstrated the operation of a large hinged flood gate for Iowa City on Rocky Shore Drive. Pictures below show the large gate and a smaller watertight door supplied for the project during installation and... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer successfully deploys QuickWall for Empire Merchants!

On November 15th, 2014, Walz & Krenzer deployed a custom QuickWall system for Empire Merchants. Empire Merchants is Metro New York’s largest distributor of fine wine and spirits. During Hurricane Sandy, many of the delivery trucks were destroyed... (more...)

Walz & Krenzer successfully deploys QuickWall for the New Whitney Museum!

On October 16th, 2014, Walz & Krenzer successfully deployed the custom QuickWall system for the New Whitney Museum in New York City. Shown below are the photos and a video of the deployment. South Wall before the start of deployment: South Wall during... (more...)