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Removable Flood Barriers typically seal three sides of an opening from floodwaters - the bottom and two sides. The width is determined by the width of the opening. The height is usually determined by the flood elevation. For buildings in flood plains, FEMA most often requires that the openings be flood proofedto one foot above the flood elevation.

Lip Seal Gasket Flood Barriers Lip Seal Gasket (FP-LS)

Ease & speed of use along with a flush bottom sill make this flood barrier a popular, inexpensive choice for most applications.

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Compression Gasket Flood Barriers Compression Gasket (FP-C)

Used when maximum protection from one or both sides is required, these flood barriers are easy to install and use, and require very little maintenance.

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Inflatable Gasket Flood Barriers Inflatable Gasket (FP-I)

Often used in interior locations, gaskets are inflated to create a watertight seal.  Available with single or dual gaskets.

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Multi-Panel Lip Seal Flood Barriers Multi-Panel Lip Seal Flood Barrier (FP-M)

Multi-Panel Lip Seal Flood Barriers are often used for openings wider than 10 feet or higher than 6 feet for ease of installation and use. Multi-Panel Flood Barriers are avaliable in Side by Side or stacked configurations.

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