Walz & Krenzer Flood Barriers                Custom Watertight Closures Since 1939

Lip Seal Gasket Flood Gates Lip Seal Gasket (FG-LS)

Light weight hinged flood gate with flush bottom sill (H20/H40 loads not a
problem). Use when flood water is from one direction only.

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Compression Gasket Flood Gates Compression Gasket (FG-C)
Use when maximum protection is required.  Bottom sill is raised; removable ramps are available. Provides watertight seal in one or both directions.

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Inflatable Gasket Flood Gates Inflatable Gasket (FG-I)

Single or dual gaskets are inflated to provide a watertight seal in one or both directions. Flush bottom sill provided.

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Flip Up Flood Gates Flip Up Flood Gate (FG-BH)
Flood gate recesses into floor/ground surface when not in use.  Larger sizes require either manual winch system or hydraulic/electric operation to open & close gate.  Can be designed for H20/H40 loads.

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