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Watertight Hatches are avaliable in any size or shape, and can be designed for any pressure requirement in both flush and raised configurations. Compression gaskets are used for most applications, with the gasket being compressed against the frame by individual dog, quick-acting handwheels, or drop bolts. All hatches can be operable from both sides or one side only.

Flush Watertight Hatches Flush Watertight Hatch (WTH-F)

Utilize a flush hatch to eliminate any tripping hazard for walkway or vehicular areas.  Flush hatch may be supplied to withstand H20 and H40 loadings. Available in any size or shape for any design pressure.

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Raised Watertight Hatches Raised Watertight Hatch (WTH-R)

Utilize raised hatch where tripping hazard is not present to eliminate ice and water buildup in frame recess. Can be designed for any size, shape, or pressure requirement.

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Power Operated Watertight Hatches Power Operated Watertight Hatch (WTH-P)

High pressure hatches or hatches larger than 4' often require power operation or a manual assist such as springs, gas springs, or winches.

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