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Mechanical Seal APR Doors

Airtight DoorIf your APR airtight door requirements do not include the necessity of having a flush bottom sill, a simpler and often more cost effective alternative is to use compression gaskets instead of inflatable gaskets on the door panel. Advantages of this type of seal include lower maintenance on the gasket and a fail-safe, 100% airtight door even when power is lost.

Airtight lab doorsThe compression gasket is available in several materials, including neoprene, Viton, and silicone. The gasket is compressed utilizing rotating latches (dogs) which compress the gasket against the door frame. The bottom sill is raised, usually about 1-3/4″ high; removable threshold ramps are often supplied when the opening is used for wheeled carts or equipment. Since compression gaskets can withstand higher pressures than inflatable gaskets, the doors can be designed for much higher pressure requirements.

Airtight Door For Nuclear PlantDoors designed for lower pressures utilize our double panel skin/foam core design. For pressures exceeding 20 psi, a variety of panel and frame configurations are available.

As with our pneumatic seal APR doors, a full range of access & security control systems are available. These doors are suitable for BSL 3 & 4 applications that do not require a flush bottom sill.