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Pneumatic Seal APR Doors

Airtight DoorWhen your requirements for 100% airtight containment doors include the necessity of having a flush bottom sill, our pneumatic seal APR doors are the answer. This is especially important in high traffic labs or facilities including BSL3 & BSL4 areas where raised sills might present a tripping hazard, or where lab equipment is often rolled through the opening. The bottom sill can be recessed into the floor surface to achieve a flush bottom sill.

APR DoorThe pneumatic seal attached to the periphery of the door frame is inflated using compressed air, which provides the 100% airtight seal. Dual gaskets are sometimes used for redundancy for critical containment applications. Gasket inflation can be achieved by several methods, including utilizing existing compressed air systems, or gasket inflation equipment pre-mounted on the door panel.

Airtight Door ControlsDoor panels are fabricated from stainless steel double panel skins with a foam core. The wrap around frames can be attached onto concrete, filled block, and stud partition walls.

A full range of control and security systems, including interlocking of multiple doors is available.