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The AutoRising Flood Barrier WK Model FG-AR

Finally – flood protection 24/7 without being there!

When flood waters begin to threaten, the barrier panel automatically begins to rise based on the principles of buoyancy – no human intervention or electrical power is required.   Installed flush into the ground surface in front of your opening, it is automatically deployed by buoyancy at a pre-determined water levelUnlike other competitor’s models, the AutoRising barrier fully seals the opening before water reaches the sill. It can be designed to seal any size opening, and the side sealing walls found on some competitor models are not required, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing end product with substantially lower installation costs. 

The AutoRising barrier offers flood protection only when it’s needed, and is out of sight when not required, making it perfect for flash floods or infrequent use.

autorising up   autorising down

                   IMG_6108 IMG_6109

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