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WK Model FG-C

Hinged compression gasket flood barrier – maximum protection from any direction

Compression gaskets offer a 100% watertight seal in both directions, and are the most reliable flood protection product on the market. Available for any size opening, these flood barrier utilize rotating dogs or drop bolts to compress the gasket against the edge of the barrier frame. The standard bottom sill is raised approximately 1.5″ from the floor surface, however, recessed sills with removable flush sill plates are available for complying with ADA requirements.  Removable ramps are also available which protect the bottom sill from vehicular traffic.

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Product Details

 Features  Design Details
 Size  Maximum size of single panels approximately 20’w & 12’h. Double panel barriers available.
 Design Pressure  To full height of panel
 Gasket Material  ASTM D2000 GR DE neoprene with fully molded corners.
 Panel & Frame Material  Aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel
 Type of Frame  Bolt-on, weld-on, masonry subframe
 Bottom sill  Raised approx. 1.5″
 Operating Mechanism  Rotating dogs or drop bolts
 Options  Recessed sill with removable flush sill plate; removable bottom sill ramp; silicone or viton gasket

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