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WK Model FP-I

Removable inflatable gasket flood barrier

Similar to the removable lipseal flood barrier, these barriers also have a flush bottom sill but they can withstand water pressure from either direction. The lightweight aluminum panel can be supplied in single or multiple configurations, and offers a watertight seal to the full height of the barrier. The inflatable seals are easily inflated using a hand or foot pump, portable compressed air, bottled gas, or shop air. In most applications, the inflation equipment is pre-piped onto the panel and hidden behind a security panel. If security is not a concern, the barriers are supplied with a standard automotive style valve stem and pressure gauge. Most barriers are supplied with single gaskets, however dual gaskets are available for critical applications. Care should be taken to maintain a clean sealing surface so as to not damage the gasket.

inflat. barriers 001                       inflat. barriers 005

Product Details

 Features  Design Details
 Size  Maximum size depends on customer requirements. Openings larger than 10’wide or 6′ high often require multiple  panels. No functional limit to  number of panels
 Design  Pressure  To full height of panel
 Gasket Material  Neoprene or EPDM inflatable gaskets; fabric reinforced for critical applications
 Panel & Frame  Material  Aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel
 Type of Frame  Bolt-on, weld-on, masonry subframe
 Bottom sill   Flush
 Operating  Mechanism  Standard automotive style valve stem and pressure gauge; hand or foot pump, portable compressed airtank, bottled  gas, shop air
 Options  Multiple panels with removable center mullion; inflation equipment pre-piped and installed on barrier panel behind  security panel, gasket  shields, power inflation/deflation,

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