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Watertight & Airtight Doors


At WK, watertight (WT) or airtight (AT) means zero leakage, no matter the door size or design pressure. Whether your door is designed to be submerged 500′ underwater or prevent air leakage from a BSL-4 laboratory, we’ve got a cost effective solution for you. WK has designed more custom watertight & airtight doors than any other company in the US, so you can be assured of the right door for your application.

Any of our doors can be supplied with power operation, and most can be designed for any number of special design considerations including blast, ballistic, shock, vibration, radioactive, seismic, chemical, tornado, and high pressure requirements. Most can be designed for either water or air pressure. Both single and double panel doors are available for most applications.

Watertight Door Models
Quick-acting watertight door – WK Model WT-FD-FS
Flush Sill Compression gasket door with quick-acting mechanism
Qa Door Installed Quick-acting watertight door – WK Model WT-FD-QA
Compression gasket door with quick-acting mechanism for frequent use
Indiv. Dogged Door Individually dogged watertight door – WK Model WT-FD-I
Compression gasket door with individual dogs (latches) for infrequent use
Inflatable gasket watertight/airtight door – WK Model WT-FD-ID
Door with single or dual inflatable gaskets and flush bottom sill
Airtight Lab/Cleanroom APR door Airtight Lab/Cleanroom APR door – WK Model AT-BIO
Lightweight stainless steel BSL-3 & BSL-4 doors
AutoSeal Door AutoSeal Roller Curtain Watertight Door – WK Model WT-R
The first automatically deploying watertight roller curtain door in the US
Sliding Door Sliding watertight/airtight door – WK Model WT-S
Horizontally or vertically sliding door